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About Us

bettercaremarket is an Australian operated online store that provides a wide range of independent living aids to support people suffering from issues caused by chronic diseases. bettercaremarket is here to provide a practical solution that assists in chronic disease management and improving quality of life.


The bettercaremarket Mission
1 out of 2 Australians suffer from chronic disease. As Australians, we enjoy our way of life and value our independence, but it is harder to enjoy when suffering from their constant symptoms. That is why we want to provide a market that can provide the widest, most reliable living aids which will allow us to maintain our way of life.
Who is bettercaremarket?
Our store is Australian owned and founded by a variety of individuals who have worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, both nationally and internationally for over 25 years. Our experience working within these industries has given us a greater understanding of how we can improve the livelihood of Australians. We noticed a gap in this sector of the healthcare industry and therefor wanted to provide Australians with an accessible and convenient online store that sells and delivers living aids straight to your door.
The bettercaremarket Products
We have been very selective in our process to pick out practical products that we believe the best suit our customers’ needs. We have also found a variety of products that are uncommon and hard to find that are good at relieving particular issues for our customers that are not widely available. We are continuously looking for and updating our product portfolio. If you are after a particular product that is currently not in store, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will do our very best to provide it to you as efficiently as possible.


Our bettercaremarket Founders

Erik Louwerens

14 years ago I came to Australia to lead the merger of Sanofi and Aventis creating the third largest pharmaceutical company. Prior to that I was educated as a medical doctor. Today I’m realising my long-term desire to make a difference for patients by means of various advisory positions in healthcare. Looking to alleviate my mother’s risk to fall and fracture her osteoporosis affected hip, I wasn’t able to easily locate and buy the padded pants I once read about. Eventually I visited various stores and bought a few of the practical solutions I was looking for. This unhelpful experience triggered the founding of a specialised website, bettercaremarketwhere customers can find helpful information and specialised assistance to select suitable and practical solutions for their daily inconveniences.

Wim Battaerd

I have had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, where I created a multi-national consultancy business focusing on improving commercial effectiveness for pharmaceutical companies.  After selling my first business and a number of years consulting, Erik and I established a new business focusing on ways to improve patient health and wellness. We introduced bettercaremarket  to help people get easier access to products and services to enjoy a better quality of life. I have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, medical publishing and many years building health technology solutions. My vision with bettercaremarket is to create the most trusted support platform for patients who need some assistance in their daily living. 


Your bettercaremarket Team


I am the Marketing Manager. and I want to create a place where people can find daily living aids, have them conveniently delivered to their homes and can rely on us to give them the support they need to maintain their way of life.


I am the Social Media and Digital Marketing Associate, Ken and I do our best to ensure you guys are aware and able to benefit from bettercaremarket. Maintaining independency is so important to so many Australians. Therefore, I want to be able to provide Australians suffering from Chronic Disease symptoms with products that can help them with their day to day activities and continue living their best life.


I am from the Netherlands with a background in Business Administration. Officially, I was brought in as Project Manager to organise and get things done, but it is a bit of everything now. It might be a bit cliché, but I would like to hear from our customers that we really improved (a part of their life) with the products we offer.


I have a background in IT and business and lead the IT support team. I also liaise with the vendors regarding prices and orders, monitor and maintain the site and troubleshoot any issues. 


I'm from India with background in IT and work as a Business Analyst. Currently, I maintain all products changes and communicate with vendors for bettercaremarket. I would like bettercaremarket to capture the market with high-quality products and service.


I have been working in IT for over 2 decades. I am interested in all things that have to do with networking, servers, and computing. I am responsible for Customer Service and Support.  I also work on troubleshooting and fixing things behind the scenes if necessary.